Riding Lessons

Lesson Rates & Polices for Shadow Hills Equestrian Center

To book a lesson, please contact our main office at 213 761-0549 or via email at

– Lessons must be paid and booked at least 24 hours in advance.
– 24 hour notice is required to cancel or reschedule lessons. There is no make-up or refund for a lesson missed or cancelled within 24 hours of the scheduled lesson time.
– Arenas are sealed and closed to riding during rainy weather. Lessons & classes cancelled due to weather will be credited/rescheduled to another day.
– Lessons scheduled for Saturday or Sunday must be paid by 1pm on the Friday prior.
– Able-bodied students are required to tack and groom their own horses and be ready at their lesson start time. Students should plan their arrival time to allow for tacking and grooming. Additional time will not be added to your lesson if you are not ready at your scheduled start time.

Lessons for RIDERS

Rider(s) Cost Duration
Private Lesson (Single Rider) $100.00 45 minutes
Private Lesson Pkg of 4* (Must be used within 4 weeks of purchase) $380.00 45 minutes each lesson
Group Lesson (2 or more Riders) $75.00 each rider 45 minutes
Group Lesson/Pkg of 10* (Prepaid in advance) $700.00 each rider 45 minutes each lesson
Trail Ride Lessons (For clients who are taking/have taken lessons at SHEC) $100.00 each rider per hour

All new riders must complete a Waiver and basic Horsemanship lesson to learn how to tack, groom and to become familiar with the policies and procedures of our facility, regardless of previous experience, before beginning riding lessons.

The cost of the Horsemanship Lesson is $100.00 for 45 minutes of instruction.
You can download the Shadow Hills Equestrian Center Waiver Release here

AGE: Able-bodied riders must be 8 years old for a full 45 minute lesson (at the discretion of the Instructor).
*Working with the parent(s) and at the discretion of the Instructor, riders 7 & under will be placed in either a 30 minute private lesson, a 45 minute private lesson, or Saturday Group with our SHRC students.

WEIGHT: SHEC has a weight limit of 200 pounds.

For Beginning Riders:
You must take and complete a 1 hour Horsemanship Classes in order to tack up your horse and learn about grooming, horse behavior, anatomy, and terminology. Costs for these classes are $125.00 for private instruction, $75.00 for semi private (2 or more).

After completing the Horsemanship Classes, you will be able to book your riding lessons. Lessons are given in Bareback (no saddle), Western (saddle has a horn) and English (lighter weight saddle, no horn) disciplines. Lesson prices are above.

For all NEW SHEC Riders:

Beginners, Intermediate, or Advanced, you MUST take and complete one Horsemanship Lesson. After completion you may book your riding lesson.

You are ALWAYS welcome to come and audit a lesson and meet the instructors.


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